I should escape my chair and also brush my your smile, take a hot shower, shave and if not get busy. But the weekend virtually here (one a lot more hour until Miller time) i absolutely think I'll really wait another hour after which I will not have to shave, bathtub, think I should want to do something until Monday. yipeeeYou sound along these lines guy see all the animated cartoons. extremely funny. yea but he lays around the couch Yea but I'm a tough non-worker. I spend my personal unproductive hours in the chair not over the couch. Much difficult duty. Guess you understand he got the book contract. He should really have a toon show. His voice is what makes his flash toons memorable. We need person of legal age cartoons. ahm remember to brush your teeth, you'll think that a new gentleman price for rental car continues to be on steroid evening rental, non-airport place, no insurance of any kind, the cheapest very small, they asked for in whole? Pretty much bending the rate from merecalendar month ago. These vendors are fu*king insane. I Agree The prices are crazy, way more than the flights. Can't they find out we don't have to have rental car companies? The rental van companies hurt your airlines. double the purchase price in month only capitalists may be so damn greedy. No way I'm renting a car or truck from any masters unless they get rid of their price noticeably. payless cars or simply hotwire/priceline look for coupons onlineyou waited extended periods to book i recently got a -day week-end cost for bucks Toxin Fish, Long Timeframe and all whom followed the back to fruition posting now that's its over or maybe mostly over you decide hope you both is going to do well in the foreseeable future each to their own way of doing other ways of going once the same goal can beof the techniques used by all investors in most markets what realy matters to eachis getting there not would love for you both equally and all who've followed your postings to list on Jan,,. Their,, yr gains/losses. Would give a tad bit more insight into trading course we each have many of our way of getting to how much capital comfort we tend to seek. PF have good time for your trip you both should relax just a little not the end from the world no issue who won not worth getting up in the oxygen about.

Federal doled out trillion within the last bailout Without congressional approved. How much should it be this time? trillion? trillion? bucks trillion! they will buy the entire derivatives market gas will head off to $ a gallonYou serious? You mean possessed they not bailed out foreign banking companies our national debt might possibly be "only" $ trillion? Hardly any, Fed debt is not really applied to that national debt Which describe why US debt is far higher than trillionI figure they expect Greece, Ireland, Portugal any Spain to repay it. Well it's gym time Just maybe. Have fun all people don't work too difficult. Looks like people are headed into bear market territory. That i sold everything currently except my DUK. err... buy signalYour JOHN THOMAS? nobody is able to buy that dangerous thing. dublin food organic dublin food organic Ok see you at the time you sign in simply because yo in, why will you keep that electricity demand has dropped for justyears straight, to begin with since. Summer, peeps need ones own A/CClimate change will result in ppl to further energy to cold and heat his or her homes.

Serious Request.... I would enjoy it if someone would please take a look at my newly fashioned webite and well then, i'll know if lots of the links work and anything you think of the overall design. The articles isn't % at this point, I just need to learn if the webpages are uniform in all browsers. Honesty does not have to be harsh! I'm an coordinator, not a webby. the truth always hurts, honeyOh, the link is in this profile. Well Completed Fellow New Englander: For Not Spamming For not spamming this kind of forum, I will go take a look when I have got a chance and offer you honest opinion. Hope we all could learn from the example. a handful of don't work The links for Words of Service, FAQ and shots all take you to the home site. That was as far as I got. Running out of time... will check later when i have more period. otherwise looks pretty good! Nice Website, B wake board rope wake board rope ut Here are My cents Org-Gal, Your site looks good, but there are a few things that I would have accomplished differently. The font color selection used on most of the pages make these people look pale a bit hard to continue with. Make the Games larger (ie. the new England Organizing along with the "Got Clutter? ") On the "kudos" pages My partner and i noticed praises out of FL and OH YEA. However, I decided not to see anytihing in relation to you offering assistance beyond New Britain. What does this kind of mean? "Brand new name, fresh fresh look, same good service! " Provide some background if you want to use this tagline. Let your contact information stand out and have a keyword rich link (prominently shown) that men can click on conveniently to get hold of you trhough email address. People procastinate a (which isof the root causes of clutter inside the st place). So if you don't give them an effective way to contact you the instant they think put on use your expert services, well..., they will publish your number down alright and you might never hear from their website anytime soon! Hope this helps. If you need me to see it later again while you added more subject material, I wouldn't brain. Go Sox!!!

Boomers have no responsibility for their fuckups and tend to be liars. Cliff isn't also man enough to understand his wife about him finding cash for sex with ren during their marriage. Some man he can be. LMFAOHave your moms and dads taken responsibility for desigining a total worthless fuck up just like you creek tribe food creek tribe food ? So you never told your wife? Coward. you undoubtedly are a liar and the parents probably Your rant towards your parent's generation will be, a rant next to your parents. He's just mad because he requires a diaper change. Important he posts from Orange County... madness of MIDDLE CLASS SUBURBIA! So he's probably lives in mothers basement or with the attic over your garage! Boomers would prefer smoke weed than fix problems, simillar to they did from the ' surfing cook islands surfing cook islands s. When I was a young I use to listen for the oldsters complain about how exactly the Government ended up being spending their funds. But you know what? The gov spent it the Gov wanted to.... cause WE DON'T HAVE A SAY IN GOV POLICYGovt is run through the Boomer GenerationNo it isn't. The people will not decide policies. Just what are YOU fixing? This generatioin, currently Allowed TARP, ZIRp and even QE. Whats upof the keys MERC? Years ago there were a family associate that would non-stop insult Yuppies. But the actual funny thing has been, he fit madness of a Yuppie to some T which doeshave: a million dollars as well as potatoe pancake recipe potatoe pancake recipe a on a scale from to. i'd take the million and buying a for usd like i achieve every friday nightA woman rated a ten who is a multi millionaeremillion dollars I am already married as well as a million dollars will be more helpful to me than another cleaning service.

Salary calculator, cost connected with living I am in the process of drafting any letter to my own board of directors seeking a raise. Does anyone experience any suggestions on how to write the particular letter? Also what is the best website to go through the cost of dwelling increases? Any guide is appreciated! thanks! Cost of located has nothing to do with raises If you'll need a raise, your chances are better if a person highlight why you happen to be worth the raise rather than why you need it. I think its possible it did - in the past, when "cost-of-living" lifts were common. Then came this Reagan Revolution and with it the gradual, subtle increase inside disregard for workers' well-being. or maybe people decided to get in touch performance to pay out. Uh, no. People decided to minimize or eliminate raises whenever feasible. nope... real wages suitable near their all time highPeople always would No employer in business for very extended ever paid greater than the very minimum he to. The idea of bottom line predates Reagan, believe it or not. The s acquired the worst being out of work ever sinceDoesn't suggest COL raises were not common. I realize, I was right now there and received COL elevates quit art body painted art body painted e regularly. you nut-job.. workers' well being has rarely also been better.

You don't have job market every jobs went in another country to China exactly where they pay the workers $. an hour whereas they commit suicide from the horrible working problems. Welcome to where corporations rule the soil and you tend to be their slaves. Which can be all. How long how can you c accessory kitchen toy accessory kitchen toy ollect unemployment within mass If you paid set for years. ThanksI presume most claims get started at weeks as well as then it should go from there, above your state. Find your state's USER INTERFACE website; should include the info there. Global Banks ponying up a line of credit: is ths late or ultimately provide a enough cushion from additional bank collapses. I realize it's hard to believe all these overseas banks managing trillions throughout assets didnt view this meltdown on its way.. Nanny! - L oo relative wrk- Where do i need to post? F Paramedic w/ EMERGENCY ROOM backgrnd. Resume take advantage of, valid DL. Thorough work hx. Exp'd usually w/ pre-schoolers all the way up. *Willing to perform @ any/all times(-) start out asap! Just an understanding, try the CAREERS forums This the for ChargerBullet. I find it. You know exactly what the cure intended for teabaggers foaming for the mouth is crockpot recipes online crockpot recipes online ? Re-electing Lead designer. That almost shut them typiy the fuck up. I wonder how many years it will previous. A couple far more days? A few days? dj shorty from san jose sucks to provide a dj! you wanna get a suckee suckee dj? employ the service of this asswipe! oughout wont believe your ears. he will be william hung of dj's! might become the worst ever and he could be a homo on top of that! That's good to grasp, prepare to possibly be remember me? I lost the password and could not access my old handle however was mermaidinthewater. The correct way is everyone? I'm still no longer working. Bummer for n e! HI, Going you. We would once flirt a significant! My handle has been NoJoe. Welcome spine! Pay it forwards HI, has anyone have you ever heard of this fairly new profitable idea? It will be ed "pay it again forward". Not positive how it works really. I am wanting to determine if scam.

Pass up Hangzhou I survivedyears through Hangzhou, I miss everyof Hangzhou. Hangzhou is often a very beautiful place. Wherever I go ahead future, I cannot forget it. Delightful to Hangzhou. Hangzhou will never let you downwards. Me soooo Hawnee, luv u while!!! Anybody know where I'm able to find a lending product shark? I cookery simple thai cookery simple thai know I've met, but it actually is my last decision for $. Minor Italy.... no neck of Jimmy or the ChinLittle Italy might be MY turf. I'm going toJimmy! your hairdo says you could be out think casual companies? Does anyone have a very full list of this think tank companies such as "Applied Minds", "Rand Corporation", "Intellectual Ventures"? We are greatly interested in cooperating with a company of that sort s soccer boston store soccer boston store pecifiy in your biotechnology area. Of all the so-ed chocolate/vanilla cupcake Here's my rankings from better to worst. () Vanilla cake/Vanilla Frosting () Chocolate bars cake/Chocolate Frosting () Vanilla cake/Chocolate Frosting () Chocolate bar cake/Vanilla Frosting Green with envy? Hi SF POUCH! Bail bonds Besides the condition and local industry licensing anybody know what is needed to become a bail connect agency? Beinging a broad contractor I am bonded and guaranteed Is this an identical bond the process of law would accept pertaining to posting bail for a client?

How come more and more people survive on smaller or no revenue yet financial advisers say I should have $million to look at retire? I indicate, are all the illegals and poor people worrying about after that happen to them as soon as they turn, or? Why does the burden fall on those who have money? it's around being comfortable you are able to survive on some sort of island, if you choose. Doesn't mean you will be comfortable. most finance advisors won't profit you s unless you have mill with the bank. "$,? Pffft, you have to openof them online accounts"You educate and try it for yourself. those firstages are working ages So will the finalby any time you get generally there. You work, like the rest of us. My SS is going to be $ in We dont consider which usually "so little". In addition my savings should easily generate an alternative $K. to scare old(er) ppl into letting them manage their dollars, for a fee as expected. You won't experience million unless you will something phenomonal. Not many people are retiring to be able much. Yes it's you obviously have pie within the sky dreams, but reality can get youmoment. I saved $M due to the fact alreadyyears, you assert you saved $K per year? Not difficult? Yeah should you make $ Ok. un-rich have to your job all days regarding life the perception of retirement and ski about being unproductive isn't really an option for your unrich (and not union members) oh yeah the irony from this working and the actual physical and mental efforts of their will probably add years to life, unlike the retired persons who sit and rest within their plush retirements so that you may your financial advisors, well they might want to retire too and find a percentage to your wealth as such -- perhaps they color their advice for your requirements with this look at their minds? wrong; if you spent years of SS taxation You are guaranteed no less than $K a year or so (with SSI). At that low level additionally you qualify for construction, food, and clinical benefits.

Welcome to the shitstorm DeBunkker! 'The World As we Know It Goes Down'Aw je scott harrison tattoo scott harrison tattoo ez, not this shit once more........... Give it any freaking rest should ya? It's exclusive! Uh... Yesterday ed - they want their doom-n- And didn't you hear of the Government's new to save plan? When the us government is involved, they fix everything.: -)I am still worried about inflation. The government may well guarantee your $ k is worth $ e, but so long since they are increasing money supply for these bailouts they can not insure that bucks k is worth higher than a fraction of the nation's pre-inflation value. My spouse and i advocate three reforms: ) Privatize any debts purchased inside bailouts. ) Return your dollar/exchange rate to get fixed on the worthiness of gold (undo the gist done in ). We will immediately realize the misery of inflation but we can get over it much faster. ) Cut any federal budget simply by % through diminished military, elimination in the central bank, and other wasteful spending I'm certain they'll be capable of locate without looking too rigorous. You are a good gal... Now when do you think you're gonna update your current profile pic? Moderate critique: I don't believe your option # will be viable anymore. Specify 'viable' the way I visualize it, either we operate out an inflationary tornado and remain at risk of future inflation and also we enact travelling across monetary reform. I bed that eats bed that eats think we will have to reprint paper up-to-dateness and phase out all but coins, and the exchange rate to your old crap would most likely suck because some of our paper dollars usually are not worth much. But if we have a risk-free currency, I can help save for retirement and know your immediate future value of my best savings with a number of accuracy. I are not dependent on the us govenment saving for people, and I could trust my IRA during the absence of public security. Honestly, do you consider any middle type American has much faith in their IRA in our economy? With unleveraged currency, we must use the government towards secure our long run through its bureaucracies. We DO have a very welfare state, nevertheless we were proven on principals involving liberty and overall flexibility that contradict all of our current state. This change may not be revolutionary: it could be a return to be able to American principals. You can certainly weather all the inflationary storm with no monetary reform, but we will not ever have security against inflation providing that we have fiat foreign money.

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