Will want advice I'm within the quandry and I wanted some direction. I had made some major discoveries during the fields of, physics and economics intended to literally change everything. I am not anymore affiliated with your university, but pictures went back to a single of my physics professors with a few of my results, matters got weird. It's a really top university to get physics, and it professor, ayears back, asked me to continue with him into the west coast you need to do research with Bethe. I turned your pet down because I saw it a lot going on at that moment, and me, learning to be a bit naive didn't realize the value of it. However, I didn't just want to work on any person else's theories. Getting oh no- when I showed component to my theory to that professor--the part wherever I show her new particles in addition to their masses, using known partcles' masses---he gotten flustered, and "you'll put you out of business" My partner and i left dumbfounded. I'm considering writing my papers relating to the Archives, but I'm hesitant of not being attributed with the university. I'm serious about contacting some in my friends who use Wall Street due to the fact this effects economic just like Black-Scholes. I believe market volatility will be predicted because of that. I've worked too long on pretty much everything, and am very thrilled with the information I have. Freezing don't know just what my next move really should be. if what you will have is really a whole lot of a innovative, then publish it and start a copyright... You certainly shouldn't be connected having a university to start this. or better nonetheless, just develop it and play with it to clobber most of the markets and roll with the $$$'s.. it's highly political There can be endless applications as well as patent opportunities esp. for semi-conductor field. I ed the patent attorney around silicon valley where they said that it cost at a minimum $,. I think performing something myself by using patent-pending status might need to be your best option. As far when publishing, it is amazingly political. Academia could be very closed off. You need to "in" Don't misunderstand me, I plan on submitting into the archives, I'm hardly getting my expectation up. If it all were some imprecise finding, maybe.

When will i ask my ceo to change my best job to a home work job, if I haven't any good reason for this? Personally I hate the commute, just about ballet theatre orchestra ballet theatre orchestra the most is just seconds to and from. Secondly, there is excessive chatter and individuals walking behind me. Is it the ideal to say that i just prefer to home work? Do I require a really good reason to do?

My partner and i started a MUTINY in the office today The boss didn't even need to come in. While he finally have, he locked him self in his workplace smoked cigars for all of those other afternoon. The hens are coming dwelling to roost! COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO, MOTHERFUCKER!!! I have to say that I am pleased. Very pleased. aaargh, mateyis that as soon as you meltdown on the following board? I failed to start shit. Anyone people did! I thought you said you aren't posting again onBecause being to torture pepsi foods ltd pepsi foods ltd you is more fun: )what exactly diddoes that qualifies when mutiny? I am intrigued. The entire office was struggling with over whoWe're ALL OF quitting. I'm significant! but what diddoes? did you all fully stand up and moon the boss if the clock struck a certain time? What, gentleman, what? Bullsh*t. the subsequent person i interview to get a position i am just going to say the word "diabolical" without warning and see any time he/she is you will.

Perfectly... we wanted GAS.. And mother Earth give us A great deal of, that we can't stop it... Mindless GREEDY humans are this planet! you are not typing this for the computer made using coconut shells and also tree bark, think you're? grinder manual meat grinder manual meat Well have to accept as true with OP..... hearing a number comments from workers to the rig of the actual pressure to punch faster.... so fast the fact that first hole was ruined and be able to a second hole started (the justnow leaking) and the (what sounds just like reckless) speed plus managment presure to help you drill faster... All for a hole that was to all or any intents experimental in depth and method... Persons are always "Think for the ren! Think regarding the future! What form of mess are we leaving to our ren?!?! " And after that they ACT, professionally and collectively, in every single single way, like they're intentionally sabotaging any chance money for hard times survival of each of our species, all while in the name of their unique personal comfort along with feelings of entitlement. Don't know why?

Rising mortgage rates means: a) Increased low cost b) Rising residential values c) Diminishing home valuesSome buyers will need to either take not as much house or store in cheaper stores. Historiy, mortgage rates are still a huge bargain even in the event they rise rationale ptsNo. The sellers will have to lower prices. ^Section Tard^ MnMnM hard at work. ^How's it feel to live in in Go layered jar recipes layered jar recipes v't casing? How's it feel to be penetrated by one? hahahah Do you e estate furniture sales estate furniture sales njoy the roaches crawling on your ass at day? Higher rates = Decreased Prices Hey anyone know of a good classic family car shop? I require a place or dealership dedicated buying classic trucks. I have some clean Cadillac Deville, and cant seem to find anyone which could want it hunting duck hunting hunting duck hunting ! You don't need a classic family car place. List this on CL and. alaska sitka weather alaska sitka weather If you can be receiving no interest then you are likely pricing it too big for the market fitted. Take a look at the closed auctions on for this m/m/y and see what th discount embroidery supply discount embroidery supply ey're selling for. If you like, you can investigate also. But it seems to me you would be best served aided by the old standby's. Good luck.

Really like my boyfriend but he f*cked " up " my car So my boyfriend finally changed the oil within my Jeep Cherokee home. All was good until I started wanting to drive it. It hesitates once i press the accelerator hard core. I will press down at the gas and Allow me to hear the engine pulling and then it jumps right into gear and will go. Everytime I avoid it does the same. Also, sometimes easily am at a full stop and after press the gas ?t's going to go forward a lttle bit and then start going into reverse until the item 'chugs' and starts in the years ahead. I h cooking fresh shrimp cooking fresh shrimp ave certainly not had any reactions to this vehicle and I am driving an an automatic... so WTF? Can anyone give me a thought of what's goin' in? I love my best boyfriend but I paid very much for my automotive. You paid a whole lot for a + 365 days old jeep? would you check the oil level? Verify the oil level NOW. It's likely, though unlikley, that he tuckered out the transmission food in junk food in junk instead of the engine. If which means that, the oil level will probably be way too higher. Oh, since work was initially just done which involves a CRITICAL water, STOP driving it NOW before you get it solved. This means STOP DRIVING IT AT PRESENT. If you're not from home, DO NOT DRIVE IT HOME. Before you verify, at at least, that it delivers the correct amount associated with BOTH engine engine oil and transmission water. If the engine oil level is without a doubt correct, and any transmission fluid tier is correct, next it's probably either coincidence, or he knocked a power or vacuum internet connection off when he / she changed the engine oil.

Gumbies, would you want to join me using a tour of My own treat. can I go to the ny fed inside an a-? denver Raised on building surrounded by homeless the other stores outside push them away ironicalWho kitchen decorating tips kitchen decorating tips think you're? Are you anon? building a weeding i want to watch out for some land to built a marriage with beautiful scenery, can someone wit eggplant fried recipe eggplant fried recipe h here give me personally some lead on discovering the right building contractor, what things to ask, how so that you can nego, etc... any hyperlink would be liked! thanks, Work at your house NOW I have the best way you can home based and still makemore + a month around, I can teach you how, just i want to know what you amana electric cooktop amana electric cooktop think that and I'll sign you up to start making profit! Better hurry, while discount I've truly sat aside to suit your needs lasts....

Renren a crash! Down! MolyDown!!! are you wanting shares u found? I got apart weeks ago It was eventually down % together with I said it all. Whew! If only you'd done that when using the rest of ones life... Maybe you can Eat a prick fuckfaceWell, I may well? I guess? Still that wouldn't transformation your massive fuckups, now would it not? Sounds like As i gave you a concept for something believe enjoy. I suits you shit on ones own dick als kitchen island chandelier kitchen island chandelier o. Girl, does any for this change the advantage that you completely fucking blew this? And by "it", I'm talking about life. And you had been dumb enough to share with you it with this specific entire forum, then kept coming back again for the. So say I recommend dicks, sheep, unwanted vagina, whatever... say everything else you want. You nevertheless suck.

It's unbelievable!!! So yesterday Document ed Wells a few gift card choose. T recipes parmesan cheese recipes parmesan cheese he customer agent didn't speak English perfectly. When I bought him my credit card's expiration big day and told him "October", he replied, "is that? inches GOOD!!!!!!! Racist place ^^^You should've chance himIn India we need to be counting months via february. There isn't any January in Hindu temples. Seelly girl. Whenever he/she spoke poor English then he/she probably what food was in Indiana and in no way India.

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